How to TitleCase Jekyll Titles With Node

Back in December, I decided to refresh this place and start writing again. What I noticed then was that my post titles are a bit inconsistent. Some words are uppercase, some lowercase, some don’t even bother, but you get the point.

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Talent Is Not Enough

June 2019. Radiohead release MiniDiscs [Hacked], a compilation of demos and rehearsals from the creation of the OK Computer era, one of the greatest albums of the 90s.

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Boring Software Is Good

Last night I was wandering around the internet reading a bunch of articles and I ended up reading Basecamp’s blog. For some reason, this part of this totally random post got stuck in my mind.

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Writing Beyond the Academy by Larry McEnerney

Since I’ve started writing again - yes, do I write, I kid you not - I try to find ways to become better at it. During my search for resources, I stumbled upon this workshop by Larry McEnerney for the University of Chicago Writing Program.

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After the Intermission

I surely have not written something in a long while. I’ve concluded that I have the urge to share, when I need an alternative way of expression.

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IE's InnerHTML Quirks

The background There are a lot of articles out there and StackOverflow threads about this, most of which come to the conclusion that we shouldn’t do it. But let’s face it, sometimes you have to parse the DOM or parts of the DOM with regular expressions, because it’s faster.

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A Service Worker First Release

I ‘ve been experimenting for some time with progressive web apps and service workers. I know I am not the first one not even have the best implementation (google has already built a collection of tools for service workers), but this works and I am happy about it.

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First Steps With Facebook's Instant Articles

Introduction I think Instant Articles is the Facebook’s way of saying “You had one job” to all developers out there. For me (a developer) is nothing more than a way to give your content to users fast without all the problems that our CMS’s and code add to the user experience.

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Upgrading Jekyll 2.x to 3.x

At February 1st Github announced the upgrade of Jekyll from 2.4 to 3.0 for Guthub Pages. I thought this was the time to upgrade my local setup to the new version. I ‘ve tried it some time ago but got some error and was too tired to debug anything, but now I had no choice.

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Create Custom Domains for Development in XAMPP

If you are developing sites the you ‘ve come to a place where you are furstrated with constantly having to change things when you move to production such as changing urls to get the thing work. We spent three hours of our lives with a friend of mine to reconfigure a Wordpress site from a XAMPP server to production server. Another example I can think of is the Laravel’s public folder, I don’t want to go to localhost/site/public each time, a mywebsite.com would be fine.

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Share Buttons Performance Issues

Last week we had a series of interviews with a number of candidates for a junior frontend developer position and at the end of each session we gave them a “code challenge” to complete in their spare time, only if they wanted to. Nothing special, just a simple responsive prototype so as to take a peak at the quality of their code.

- Performance Coding

A Modal Alternative Proposal

When I saw modals some years ago, I thought it was one of the best things happened. Just use a plugin and show your important stuff to the user and you are ready to go. Things changed since then and plugins went bigger and better, but I think we are using tooooo many resources and third party libraries and we need to stop.

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Better UX for Users With Ad Blockers

Let me start by saying that preventing people from using your content if they use an ad blocker is unethical. All this fuzz about ad blockers and no one says that ad blockers may block a site feature too.

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Browser History API

This is a simple tutorial about using browsers’ history API to keep your form selections. Imagine you have a form that filters some posts with ajax. If the user goes to one of those links without opening to another tab, all the filters are going to disappear if he comes back.

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Vanilla Javascript Selectors

Everytime I start a new project I try to evaluate my needs for javascript and decide if I am going to use any third party library or not.

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Create Custom Description for Your Jekyll Posts

There are two ways to create a description from your post, the first one is use the existing post.excerpt tag Jekyll has after reading Jekyll documentation or create your own with some simple steps.

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Swiper-JW Player

Swiper-JW Player is a very small plugin that extends iDangero.us Swiper to avoid setting up the configuration for stopping JW Player videos between slide navigation in each Swiper instance.

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Highlight Ruby Code in Jekyll

A few days ago I was trying to write a tutorial about creating a simple dynamic menu for Jekyll and I came across a strange problem while I was trying to show and highlight some ruby code.

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