Check-in III

As we step into February, we’re faced with a blank canvas for the next thirty days. However, let’s reflect on January first.

January was a bit peculiar, both in a positive and challenging way.

First of all, I had fewer working days and more days to relax, due to some PTO days I had from the previous year. Family issues threw me off my game a bit, yet simultaneously, I had to be super focused on tackling my to-do list before the month’s end.

Why was I in such a rush? Well, after seven years in Transifex, I decided it was time to make use of my one month sabbatical perk. A sabbatical is always a great opportunity to relax, travel, do a personal project or just stop thinking about work. February might sound like a weird choice, but if I’m being honest, there is never an optimal time for a month-long break from work, so here I am.

I purposely didn’t plan anything for this month. If I manage to enjoy this time, clear my head and get ready to come back with more ideas, I will be happy. There are some things I want to do at home, which I have been procrastinating, but the main focus will probably be to make the best of this time even if it is a “anything can happen” month! More on that in four weeks!

Quantified (?) Metrics


Since the end of November, I’ve been on a break, so there are no major updates regarding my reading. I have spent some time delving into AI world updates. What can I say, I’m the adventurous type of person.


We have one for this month. A small update regarding work, breaks and exercise and how I’m experimenting with ways of getting midday boosts!

It’s better than nothing, but I should stop hoarding drafts at some point! This marks the fourth time I’m writing something titled ‘Check-in III’.

Oh! Almost forgot. During a fairly not so good day, I started writing a mystery/crime short story about… who knows what it really is about, but I enjoyed the process so far and it is one of the pieces I’ve felt confident about the storytelling and the writing.

And since we are still in the Writing section, Michael Lopp started a new newsletter that shares three writing prompts each Monday. It’s nice to see people with some influence urging people to write. The “Writing teaches you how you think” quote couldn’t be more close to the truth!


Now that I’m thinking of it, I realise this category is proportionally opposite to the Reading section. We’ve been watching a lot of tv-shows and movies in our free time.

If I had to choose something, it would probably be The West Wing. A show that first aired in 1999, so 25 years ago!

In case I haven’t mentioned that in the past, I love Sorkin’s writing. Yes, his dialogue can be challenging, even for native speakers, and his themes are US-specific, and yes there are moments of cheesy scenes, but I’ve enjoyed most of his work and it’s the only show of his I haven’t watched yet. Have I told you how much I loved The Newsroom?


I’ve written more about my routine this week, what I can share more is that for January I’ve done 16 workouts and I’ve managed to hit my steps goal for 19 days. Keep in mind that the goals are dynamic, and increase based on performance so at some point I cannot keep up. I could always change it to fixed, but where is the fun in that?

My current goal, though, is to incorporate more intensive workout minutes throughout the week.

I wish I had more specific numbers regarding exercising, but I’m still trying to figure things out in the “activity tracking” area and make sure I’m not getting duplicate tracking or something like that.


As I dive into this month with no set plans, here’s to the unexpected, the unscripted, and the unfiltered moments. 🍻