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How to TitleCase Jekyll Titles With Node

Back in December, I decided to refresh this place and start writing again. What I noticed then was that my post titles are a bit inconsistent. Some words are uppercase, some lowercase, some don’t even bother, but you get the point.

- Coding JS

Talent Is Not Enough

June 2019. Radiohead release MiniDiscs [Hacked], a compilation of demos and rehearsals from the creation of the OK Computer era, one of the greatest albums of the 90s.

- Leadership

Boring Software Is Good

Last night I was wandering around the internet reading a bunch of articles and I ended up reading Basecamp’s blog. For some reason, this part of this totally random post got stuck in my mind.

- Product

Writing Beyond the Academy by Larry McEnerney

Since I’ve started writing again - yes, do I write, I kid you not - I try to find ways to become better at it. During my search for resources, I stumbled upon this workshop by Larry McEnerney for the University of Chicago Writing Program.

- Writing External

After the Intermission

I surely have not written something in a long while. I’ve concluded that I have the urge to share, when I need an alternative way of expression.

- Personal