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Six Years of Using Team O’Clock

When I joined Transifex, the organization had - and still does - an Agile mentality in how they built the product and had been using Scrum for two or three years before my time.

- Agile Tools


Hey! A check-in for January. What went well. What didn’t go well, and what I’ve been doing.

- Personal Check-in

On Leading Through Values

Almost one year into the Engineering Manager role, I thought of providing more clarity to the team regarding what this role is about. What I did was to give a brief presentation about it, and there it was, a slide titled “What’s on my mind” (yeah, “kudos” on the great titles).

- Leadership

Disqus No More

Back in 2015, I created - I’m still having difficulty calling it a blog for some reason - this place. GitHub Pages with Jekyll (free hosting FTW), the Poole theme with some CSS and layout changes, and there was a thing - my own thing, besides work - in the internet. “Introverts of the world, unite”.

- Jekyll