Boring Software Is Good

Last night I was wandering around the internet reading a bunch of articles and I ended up reading Basecamp’s blog. For some reason, this part of this totally random post got stuck in my mind.

We pride ourselves at Basecamp on being “boring software” because it just works and it’s always available.

This quote made me think. Each service/software has one or more pieces that are considered the core of this service. You are most probably part of a company that has this kind of service.

Now here come the questions:

  • Do you know which parts are your core?
  • If you could give a version number to each one of these parts, what would it be? And remember, it doesn’t matter how many iterations you’ve done. What matters is if you consider it to be stable, “boring”. If it just works.

People might pay for your product if you have some shiny things, extra features, but they are not going to stay if your core service - your main value - is faulty.

Are you sure you are moving into the right direction?