Swiper-JW Player

Swiper-JW Player is a very small plugin that extends iDangero.us Swiper to avoid setting up the configuration for stopping JW Player videos between slide navigation in each Swiper instance.

This was created to satisfy my need for a fairly abstract/dynamic way to deal with JW Player events, in this case stopping it, without writing code in Swipper callbacks everytime I need something like this.

The goal was to be slide targeted and not just call a jwplayer().stop() that can cause a UX problem by stopping any other player on the page.


(function (Swiper) {

  Swiper.prototype.plugins.jwplayer = function (swiper) {
      'use strict';

      return {
          onSlideChangeStart: function () {

            var jwplayer_elements = swiper.slides[swiper.previousIndex].getElementsByClassName('jwplayer');

            if ( jwplayer_elements.length > 0) {
              for (var i = 0; i < jwplayer_elements.length; i++){



How it works

Each time Swiper runs onSlideChangeStart(), this plugin searches for any jwplayer instance in the previous slide and stops it, without messing with the code specified in the configuration for the onSlideChangeStart().


Just include the swiper.jwplayer.js or swiper.jwplayer.min.js script file in your page after your Swiper script.


JW Player 6, 7

You can download the minified and source code from github https://github.com/codegaze/Swiper-JWPlayer.